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Forged Bottle Opener Maddness and Shop Progress!

Blacksmithing Bottle Openers DIY Shop Forged WIP

What could this be. Well it could be called a sheath, but seeing as it is my first attempt at leather I will just call it that. I am however working to make sheaths for the B.O.C. openers that I make, this is the first and I will carry it for a bit to see if any changes need made. Once I get the kinks of production worked out I will make a pattern and start offering these here in the coming weeks.

Leather dye, everywhere!

Fall weather is in full swing and the fire pit cookers are getting a great deal of use. Order yours here:


Deer season is upon me here in SC and the smoke pole is all cleaned and oiled, now I jsut have to wait for the rain to let up to try and fill the freezer.

Another Skull Meat Fork, I took quite a few photos along the start hoping to make a good WIP thread, but once I got going on it my plan quickly fell apart. Although I think the fork turned out pretty well.

1/2" square stock, the skull's rough shape is beat in and the handle is drawn out and flattened.

The eyes, nose and teeth are punched in using a few different chisels.

After the skull and handle are in the process of drawing and tapering out the fork end begin. I add about 5" of length from this part. The fork end is flattened slightly and hot cut. The tines shaped and bent around the horn.

Finished. I didn't loop this handle over like the first, wanted to try one this way to see if I liked it. So far I think both versions have a place and will make them both ways for now.

These are offered up and are made to order. So you can find one is in stock and will be made and ship in 2-3 days.

Order here:


Shop progress! Well the neighbors got the big tractor our and cleared a "road" to make hauling in material easier and also allow us to use a tractor auger to dig the pier holes!

Had a order for 20 openers for a company in TN to fill as well. This was a fun project and really allowed to me work up a great flow for making these.

I made them using longer stock and used each end to make one. Gave me a great handle to hold them, so fumbling with tongs was avoided.

20 openers, just have to cut them off and shape the handles a bit. The part left will become more forks and steak turners in the coming weeks.


Concrete forms are in place and if the weather holds out, we will fill them here soon! 

Not a can opener, still does it's job. Order yours here:


Quick little road trip into the volunteer state!

A hidden gem is the first rest stop into Tennessee on I40W. Inside they have this cool little "battle box" I always make sure to hit the button and hear the sounds of the civil war every time I can.

At the place where US built AK rifles are made, Destructive Devices Industries!

On my travels I scored this sweet Yugo Mauser M48 in 8MM. Added a HB Forge Camp Axe to the photo for good measure, you can pick up the axe here:


The rifle is not for sale!



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