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Shop build update and some available items, plus an adventure in the mountains!

Well if mother nature plays nice the shop will get kicked into high gear this weekend. Last weekend I got the trees cut and stumps ground. All the lumber arrived this week, so all that is left to do is start the hard work.

A 16x16 main building with a 14x12 forge area. It's set in the woods on the oppisite of a spring fed creek, so the setting is perfect. Below are the drawings.

Tonight I got the spots for the footers marked and will dig holes in the morning!

While the shop build is happening, the work of the bench will be a little slow. I do have a few items that include knives up and available. I am still taking a few orders for custom work as well right now.

I reworked two of the knives I had on hand by giving them my etched rubbed finish. I guess it is becoming a normal part of the knives I make.

5/32" O-1, G.P.K. w/ Black and Orange G10, Kydex Sheath

Order Here: http://jgknives.com/collections/jg-knives-fixed-blades/products/jg-knives-g-p-k

5/32" O-1 S.P.K. w/ Black and Red Micarta, Kydex Sheath.

Order Here: http://jgknives.com/collections/jg-knives-fixed-blades/products/jg-knives-s-p-k

I am still working on the Slicer in D2 and got scales on it and will probably finish this weekend as well.

In the mean time, here is a link to everything that is in stock and available.


The pepper harvest is in full swing, but at the weather begins to turn, I know that the days are numbered. Our nights are getting into the mid 60's, so that means about another month till it cools off enough to end the season. Late season booster is available. Jam is running out, 4 jars left by tonight count. I do have two batches planned for next week. Reaper and Ghost to close the season for 2015 Jam..


Last weekend the family and I found a gem of a spot in here in SC. Riley Moore Falls, is a amazing little waterfall with a nice pool to swim in. It's off the path a bit, but if you got a pack and don't mind walking down a mountain I would highly suggest it.

Thanks everyone for your continued support!


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