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The Skull Meat Fork..

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This was a project that I took on a few months back. I could make the skull and make a fork.. Making them in the same piece that look good never worked out. So finally last night I sketched up something that I felt I could handle, especially after a few good weeks of forging under my belt developing some skill.. 


I started with 18" of 1/2" square stock. Heating the end and forging the skull's jaw to begin. The next few heats I used the rounding die to flatten and draw out the handle, creating the shape in the photo below, it's about 1/4" thick at this point. The skull's head is still the 1/2" but the edges are rounded a bit.

Once I felt I worked the handle to a good rough shape it was time to taper and draw the shaft of the fork out. Pretty much, I used a two to one ratio of hitting with the rounding die to blend it into the handle.

I used my last opener meat fork to make sure I didn't make it too large or small. Also to keep the taper even.

After some shaping of the handle to even the taper out and flatten it more on the edges I used a 3/4" piece of round stock to form it around giving me a smooth bend. The top side with the skull is flat, and the bottom bows out slightly to create a handle that comfortably fills the hand.

I am heating the end to hot cut the fork end to size. Approx. 4" or the width of my anvil face for 1/4" thick stock make great length tines for a fork. Onve the point is removed from the piece, I used the rounding die to flatten it to that 1/4" and measure it across the anvil.

The fork is made by splitting the 1/4" end I flattened with a hot cut, using the edge of the anvil I spread them to 45 degrees and begin to draw taper them so they are even in length and shape. After that I shape them using the horn and rolling the handle and tips of the fork in a very mello "S" shape.

Well that is how thi swas made. Lots of sweat and a few weeks tinkering to get it right, but I am sure Aaron S. will enjoy it.

The handle.

The fork.

Concept drawing, the stock vs. the finished product.


These will be available for special, just email me if you want one or if I have one available they will be here: Skull Meat Fork

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