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D2 Cap Maulers, B.O.C. Mod. II's and a storm.

Well the weekend is over and I think I managed to get a little bit of work done. The Harpoon G.P.K. got some scales, the run of Cap Maulers and Bottle Opening Contraption (B.O.C.) Mod. II's are coming along as well. 

Got the scales glued one, well epoxied as well. I am about out of this slab of G10. I think this is 3rd knife to use the Orange/Black layered G10.

I wish it popped a bit more, but I do like it. 

Got the scales shaped and cleaned up. I am low on belts right now, so the sheath will have to wait till the UPS man shows up. I guess since I've been making more it's time to up the belt orders a bit to keep things moving along.

Spent most of Saturday heat treating the first run of D2. It has taken quite a few weeks to make this happen. I started working on heat treating D2 about month and a half back. It took a few weeks of looking at available combinations of temp/time/quench and temper to get it adapted to my setup with consistent results before I start making knives and openers. Although after some weeks making it fit, here we are with the first run of openers being run though the cycle.

 A line of storms rolled through that produced a good lightening and thunder show. Not much in the way of rain, but the breeze made the shop a bit cooler considering the oven was running at 1800+ degrees for hours on end to get the run done.

While waiting between batches, I fired up the forge and hammered on a few more points working at the hammer control and swings. Not down to 25 strikes, but one heat is no problem now with 38 being my best out of 4 attempts.

Straight to the electric bill and No. 1 cause for increased water consumption for the weekend. Although plate quenching is much more tolerable than oil. 

Boom, this run is ready for a good cleaning up. 

QC testing of each one to ensure proper function is preformed. 

The Bottle Opening Contraption (B.O.C.) Mod. II, Buy Here

The Cap Mauler, Buy Here

I am digging the acid etch on these. It leaves a slight grain, much like wood. I sanded these to 220 and think is turned out good. Simple with clean flowing lines.

 The group shot with the QC testing beverage.

A lot has been going on here and the next big thing is that I will be heading to Mississippi in August to spend the week with Blacksmith Lyle Wynn to take the "Tools to Make Tools" 5 day class. This is based off Brian Brazeal's curriculum. The forging process is what really drew me into this whole thing and I cannot wait. Your support had allowed me to continue to learn and buy better tools and materials. For this class I could really use some extra help and really pushed to get some knives and tools up and available. Your purchases will help me fund this class. I'll also be setting up a "donation" type item on the store for those who may want to support but sharp-stabby things are not their thing. Regardless if you help me fund this, you will receive something from me, be it a hand written thank you note, peach/pepper jam, patch or t-shirt, or something I forge... 


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