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Fired the forge up, an available Slicer and Harpoon G.P.K. in the works.

So here we are again. This Gamez Patch Knife (G.P.K.) should find it's way into some Boltaron tomorrow and get a cutting edge.

 The knife that Jason Knight made to demonstrate the forging process during my recent visit that he left me to finish is coming along, but after a slip on the grinder I am kind of bummed I won't turn out as good as it could have. Regardless I am stoked to keep working on it and have learned quite a bit working a knife of a completely different style.

The most recent G.P.K. run No. 55 and 56.

So the most recent G.P.K. is getting a harpoon or raised clip so to speak. Just trying something new I guess.

What work in progress really looks like most of the time. Always working on 2-3 at a time.

This Slicer wrapped in some Curly Koa is finished and available.

Buy Here: Slicer, No. 54

WIP Thread: Slicer, No. 54 WIP Thread

The D-D Work rest for the flat platen is on and running. The Harp-y G.P.K. will be the first on this set up.

Them stones keep me going.


Well I couldn't keep the forge down for long. I spent a large chunk of the evening just practicing some hammer techniques I saw at the Knight Forge. The goal was to forge a point in one heat with only 25 strikes. After about 8 attempts I managed to keep to one heat, but still about 40 strikes. Much to learn I guess, but it was fun to work at it for a bit.

Nothing like running the forge when it is 95 out, makes the shop jump to about 140..

A few Skulls might as well come out of it I figured, since I had the forge running.

First one close to being done.


I managed to make two, but set it up so I can run a few more this week. These are great for learning and practicing quite a few different forging skills. I enjoy making them and it seems the fans like them as I am always out as fast as I make them.





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