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The Blade Show prep and aftermath.

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The weeks leading up to Blade Show have been nothing short of Chaotic! With NRA Show a few weeks back, then the annual trek to the 100th Running of the Indy 500, and then trying to get some knives done before Blade Show life has been a bit rushed. However, I've spent the past few weeks getting caught up on orders. The new shop has only been up and open for business since mid-April, so regardless I am behind no matter what. So instead of getting a bunch of knives ready for Blade, I spent the past few weeks filling those order for people who have been waiting. Below is what I had to get done, and boy did that not happen at all.

This is going to be the largest knife I've made to date, not sure where it will fall in line, but probably 98 or 99 at this rate. LCK Mod. II in O1.

More forged skulls are happening. I forgot about these for a bit, but am going to be doing a run of them here shortly. Most people are using them as "worry stones".

Heat treated 1084/15N20 prior to the 500 race weekend. Goal was to get these cleaned up before taking off again.

My patch panel in the shop. Lots of bro-gifts, friends companies and just some random velcro on there.

A dammy Slicer ground and ready for scales. No. 89. Getting wrapped in Koa.

No. 92, K.S.K. "The Blade Show Knife"

A Flat 12 Bier Werks Hinchtown Hammer Down Pilsner to keep me motivated. Slicer, KSK, BTK and a pair of OGK's on the bench in varying stages of completion.

The KSK pre-etch. Black G10 scales w/ brass pins.

The Rens have this game called, "Where can i fit a nest". Literally, I am finding these in nooks, crannies, open boxes and even in piles of worn sanding belts.

Dammy BTK, pre-etch.

Pile-O-Skulls. These are forged from 3/4" square stock.

"How Skulls are Made" All you need is the proper amount of heat, steel, and brute force.

Oil tempered finish. Available here:


My "Blade Show" knife. I feel good about this one. Fun to make, especially with the deadline.

No. 92, Damascus K.S.K.

WIP Thread: No. 92, K.S.K.

No. 88, Damascus B.T.K. off to a new home as well.

WIP Thread: No. 88, B.T.K.

What I managed including a round of forged skulls before Blade Show.

Table 20M, was where I was at. Huge thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello. I sold more than I though I would. Time to get back in the shop and make some more stuff I guess. See you next year!

Blade was a great time. If you have never been, GO!

Ah, nothing like seeing your knifemaking "Yoda", Mr. Bradshaw, and snapping probably the only photo he has ever smiled in.

Well, thats it for now. Time to get back to work. Books are open, so if there is something you've wanted visit the website and shoot me an email.



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