2/15 - Punches 1-3 weeks, Hammers 2-4 weeks lead time currently.

Another one begins...


Well after an evening cycle of normalizing, heat treat and two tempering cycles no. 42 is ready for cleaning up and finishing. Side "A" to 220 grit.
The "B" side of No. 42. I'll end this one at 400 I think.
The layered G10 is always a "meh" until it gets sanded down, but the rough cut of this prior to epoxying them to the blade looked pretty cool, mellow colors that contrasted well.
Well this is far as I am taking this one for the time being, it's stuck "waiting for sheath materials" like the others for now.
Another shot of No. 42.
Up next are some B.T.K. models. Last one I made, I didn't take pics of it before it was sent off to the customer. It was used at the Pathfinder School for the Basics Class and I worked fast to make sure it made it in time for the student, so this time I'll be sure to take more pics of the WIP.
So back when someone asked me for an wharncliffe type knife I wasn't sure how to tackle it. After talking more with those who asked, it made sense to take the S.P.K. and invert it. Here are the two models side by side. I've not made them in tandem or close to each models runs to have them in hand at the same time, so this was a good opportunity to show the two along side each other.

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