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Five knives done and more to go as No. 100 nears.

A lot of work getting done. I'm 3 knives away from being caught up on older orders, then it's time to start on the not so older ones. Thanks everyone for your support and keeping me busy. I am mixing in a few knives for the online store as well, along with a mess of forged items already available, so keep checking the website out. This post is mainly about knives, so let's go.

These two slicers for an order are ready for a sheath and sharpen, after being etched. D2 takes an etch very nicely.

The state of bench earlier in the week. Some things close to done, some not done, some that should be done and a few that are not gonna get done.

The next B.T.K. is getting cleaned up.

No. 83 got some blue liners. I don't do them often, but when people ask, I try to get it done. Blue wrapped in Red G10.

The S.W.K. on bottom with a B.T.K. and S.B.K. in D2 above. Another B.T.K. in 1084/15N20 on top.

The look ahead of available knives that will get me very close to No. 100. From left to right;

S.W.K. in O1.

L.U.K. in O1.

K.S.K. in 1084/15N20 Damascus. 

O.G.K. in D2.

H.S.K. in D2.

O.G.K. in 1084/15N20 Damascus.

New model, Not named yet in O1.

L.C.K. Mod. II in O1.

The good ole' Red, White and Blue.

No. 86 and it's rough grind.

The next, well second, S.B.K. I've done and the forged snake.

Speaking of snakes. Rescued this King Snake from a feral cat. I'd rather have him eating other snakes, like copperheads, than another wild cat using the shop for a litter box.

Post grind with the scales rough shaped. Such a mess.

Post etch and ready for a sheath and cutting edge. Much cleaner.

The S.B.K. is cleaned up and ready for an acid bath as well.

A run, or pack, or whatever you call a mess of knives. I haven't had a batch like this in a bit. Feels good.

Some pocket things I've rediscovered. My MR Mayhem Card and a Horton SM100 thingy.

This may be my greatest idea yet. Test batch of Hot Pepper Booster Blend on some soon to be dehydrated pineapple. In addition to Jam, both Peach and Pineapple flavors for 2016, this dried chips of doom will be available after Blade Show on the store.

I hate sheaths. But they are turning out better and better as I do them.

No. 83, S.W.K. is done.

WIP Thread: No. 83, S.W.K.

No. 84, Slicer.... Done and cut me a good one.

WIP Thread: No. 84, Slicer

No. 85, Slicer w/ Black G10 and brass pins.

WIP Thread: No. 85, Slicer

No. 86, a B.T.K. is off along with the two slicers to a friend.

WIP Thread: No. 86, B.T.K.

No. 87, the second of the S.B.K. turned out nice I feel. This one is available.

WIP Thread: No. 87, S.B.K.

The run is complete, time to ship the ones that need be, out and begin the next pile. Be sure to stop by DDI's booth at the NRA show this week, as I'll be there working. I will have some Cap Maulers and such with me as well.


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