5/1 - Orders are shipping within posted lead times.

The pre Shot Show grind off and getting knives done.

I am going to really be working hard to balance orders and make sure some knives are always available online. This means the books are going to get scaled back a bit, but I will still take orders and also roll in knives for sale on the site more often.

The batch I need to get done.

This is my take on a Mora or F1 type knife that a customer wanted. Not exactly like them but will serve the purpose I hope.

Coffee is the fuel that makes this all happen.

Profiles are cleaned up and getting close to heat treat.

All the handle pin holes are drilled.

Made it back to the gym. Spent the last part of 2015 focusing on work and other things, so I plan on making more "me" time for the coming year. BJJ is a passion of mine.

All the choils are hand filed in. Many a bloody knuckle result from this.

Spalted Maple and I are not friends, but this Black Acacia will do.

A L.U.K. and S.P.K. getting ready for sheaths and sharpening.

This is a weeks worth of fun.

1, ready to be shipped

2, ready for sheath and sharpen

5, hardened and tempered

2, ready for heat

3, need to be annealed and reshaped, then back through heat treat

Sheath time! Boltaron grinding.

Two sheaths are done.

These are hardened, tempered and ready for grinding.

Burning belts and daylight.

No. 78, the S.B.K. WIP Thread

This one was a design that started off as a No Name Knife, but got ruined. I kept the blank and used it as a "shop" knife, from time to time I work on grinds, bevels and shapes and this is what it became. Well, this one is a new blank, but the design is from that blank that was ground on again and again.

No. 79,S.K.D. WIP Thread

The next S.P.K. in 1084/15N20 Damascus for a long time friend.

No. 75, Damascus S.P.K. WIP Thread

The first of the No Name Knife in Damascus is going as well.

No. 76, Damascus No Name Knife WIP Thread

Saturday's Grind.

No. 72, L.U.K. in D2 is available.

Order Here

No. 71, S.P.K. in D2 is available.

Order Here

I've got some Damascus and D2, Cap Maulers, BOC Mod. II's and other items in stock as well.

JG Tools In Stock

Order placed Monday 1/18 till 1/24 will ship on 1/27, as I will be in Las Vegas at Shot Show working booth N406 for Destructive Devices Industries/AGSArmament.com, stop by and say hello. Patched and other swag to give away will be in hand.




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