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Four Knives to start the New Year!

Damascus HSK Koa LUK NoNameKnife OGK SPK WIP

Well, here we are in 2016! With a lot happening in the background right now, finding time in the shop has been a bit tough. I have been making the most of it when I am in there though. 4 knives are done and most are out the door already. Guys from all over are snapping them and I am humbled to see all of the support. Thanks guys for making the past year a good one.

The shop is still progress, right now I am waiting for the electric to be run out there. Nothing like the sticker shock of finding out how much 100amp costs when you have 155ft to cover. Hopefully we will be done with it by the middle of February.

To help with some of this cost, I am having a "Garage Sale" on the site. Posted is some camera gear, holsters and other odd-and-ends.

Visit the JG Garage Sale! Here is some pics of some of the stuff up there:


I have spent some time revamping the online store and cleaning some old products out. Also streamlined some of the pages and refreshed some of the images. Hopefully it's an improvement, but if you have any suggestions, leave a comment below.




The first Harpoon Style Knife (H.S.K.) is done and heading to an INGunowners member whose been following along from the start.

No. 67, H.S.K. WIP Thread


No, 68 a No Name Knife in O1 tools steel is done and out the door. This was the second one of these I have done and think it turned out pretty good. This is a limited run knife for sure. I make them not very often and seem to only really do it when I get an itch. The next one will be in Damascus for sure.

No. 68, No Name Knife WIP Thread Here

No. 69, O.G.K. in D2 and OD G10 is done. This one is looking for a home.

No. 69, O.G.K. WIP Thread Here

Available! Buy HERE

No. 70 also got finished. The Koa on this one was lighter than most of the others I've done, but the curl popped really well once the danish oil got on it.

No. 70, Damascus S.P.K. WIP Thread Here

I can't remember the last time I had four of them done and ready to ship at one time. I feel like I am hoarding them. It was fun to do them in a run though. Thor seem pretty stoked on them as well.

The eye is healing up pretty well. Still a bit blurry, but much better than it was. Eye-pro is your friend.


This S.P.K. got a subtle swedge grind on it.

No. 71, S.P.K. WIP Thread Here

This knives are fun to make and if I do my part turn out to be cool little knives.

The G.P.K. is chaging names to the Little Utility Knife (L.U.K.) and this one is all cleaned up after hardening and ready for a grinding session.

No. 72, G.P.K. WIP Thread Here

The A side. I started this one with a worn belt and was just wondering why it was taking so long to grind this little guy. Once I popped a fresh 50 grit, away the steel went. Finishing it at 120 and trying to get that plunge more rounded too some time, but I am getting the hang of them I hope.

The "B" side. had to go back and even them out a bit, but I think I like it.

Hopefully I will get these two done by Monday, these will be posted on the website when they are done. Then it's back to a few orders before the trip to Vegas for Shot Show 2016.

Thanks again everyone for making 2015 a great year. I've got some big plans for this years and hope you all follow along!



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