10/15/2022 - Punch Orders are shipping in 14-21 days as O1 steel is again in short supply.

Made a stop in Lexington

Beer Slicer SPK SSK

And grabbed some West 6th Brews to keep me hydrated in the shop.

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Time for a little break to reflect.


A lot was done this week. It's time to set the tools down for a few days and reflect on the little progress made. Loads of notes to go over and see what can be improved. Learn, try, assess, improve.. It's a cycle. Thanks for the all dudes helping me out, and the people excited to see what comes out of the garage.

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Blanks ready for bevels.


Got a small run of blanks ready the holes are drilled so now it's time for the rough bevels to be ground. S.S.K's and some S.P.K's in this batch

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Getting ready for some snow.

Man Skills

Last minute splitting session. I'm actually sitting out in the cold, enjoying a beer. The sky is wicked dark and it's calm out, hopefully the storm isn't much to write about. I'll be hold up in the garage tomorrow and spending time with the wife and kids. Let's do this Mother Nature.    

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The Journey Begins...

Well here is the first design. Not sure how or when I am going to get it made, but the idea part is over.

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